Matt Mount is no stranger to the wonderful world of cocktails. Before founding Merit Badge, Matt worked for House Spirits Distillery for 7 years, and prior to that was bar manager at Paley’s Place. Within that time Matt learned a lot of valuable skills, namely, how to make a mighty fine cocktail.

Fast forward a few years, and Merit Badge is making mighty fine cocktails all over the place. Merit Badge has provided superior bar service at countless events throughout the Northwest --  at weddings, private dinners, office parties, birthday parties, corporate events, and more. In addition, Merit Badge offers cocktail classes, a bottled cocktail drop-off service, and beverage and menu consulting.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Matt Mount

Founder, Troop Leader, Bar Magician

Current Favorite Portland Cocktail:

Daiquiri No. 4 at Palomar - Rum, Lime, Grapefruit, Maraschino

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Richelle Thorpe

Client Relations, Administrative Manager, Lead Bartending Manager, Event Manager, Rockstar

Richelle is responsible for start-to-finish client communication, bartending manager at events, event planning & organization, and keeping the lovely Merit Badge plants alive.

Current Favorite Portland Cocktail:

Highway Star  at Rum Club -  Rye Whiskey, Aged Agricole Rhum, Punt e Mes, Dry Vermouth, Bitters


Anthony Ritchey

Event Manager, Powerhouse

Bike enthusiast and karaoke king, Anthony always brings professionalism and style to every Merit Badge event.

Current Favorite Portland Cocktail:

Shook Me All Night Long at Capitol - Magnus Single Malt Scotch, Black Walnut Bitters, Demerara Syrup